My main skills are Website Design, Website Management, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Hosting, Photography and Event Production and Management.

Industry Experience:

I trained as a web designer in 2001 then left in 2003 and built up my own web design studio working freelance as a Web Designer, Website Manager, Website Host and SEO Specialist.

Throughout my career as a freelance web designer I have had to constantly learn new techniques, languages and applications. At the moment I am really enjoying using CSS to create websites with a little more excitement about them for both PC and android / iOS platforms.

I work from my home in Colchester, Essex. I work mainly with London based New Media companies as well as small to medium sized local businesses as well as individuals in both London, Essex and throughout the UK.

I can achieve good results for generic keyword placements on Google and other Search Engines by trend analysis and creating good copy.


I've been into photography since getting my first camera and developing prints with chemicals in my dads dark room. life is a lot easier and healthier these days. I can supply digital photography for websites, product shots, head shots, portraits and basic video. I'm available as a wedding photographer or for any event photography needs. I can also film, edit and deploy video for web based media.

Event Management:

I started The Lion's Den Comedy Club in January 2007 and run an open mic night in London every week at Bar Rumba on Shaftesbury Avenue.
- As a comedy promoter, and monthly compere, I have (with the help of many friends) established a strong, well known brand on the London comedy circuit.
I am comfortable talking to, and motivating groups of people. I've put on shows for occasions like stag nights, festivals and during the 2012 Olympics - entertained the troops at HMS Victory on the Thames.
I'm not a comedian but that doesn't stop me making an audience laugh occasionally as the host.